Nina Ryser

          Do-it-all-herself musician and artist Nina Ryser has been home-recording since she was eight years old on her Fischer-Price toy tape machine. One of these childhood recordings makes an appearance on Ryser’s new solo album, Paths of Color, which is characteristic of Ryser’s work: dreamy, wonky, synth-based art-pop that’s bubbly, edgy, sweet, and dark all at once; with elements of post-punk, art rock, and free jazz. Recorded at the beginning of the stay-at-home order, and inspired by loss and love and our new reality, Paths is a product of Ryser’s refined home-recording set-up. Intentionally more polished and clearer-sounding than she’s ever been, Paths of Color maintains the homemade vibe and freedom of childhood expression that is so crucial to Ryser’s sound. Though a product of grief, Ryser’s light and love shines through the record’s sonic playfulness, and is ultimately a celebration of life and art.

RIYL: Palberta, Arthur Russell, Molly Nilsson, The Raincoats, Deerhoof

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